Florian Wacker, and Schriftsteller

Florian was born in Stuttgart in 1980 and studied orthopaedagogy. He have worked as a career for young people and people with disabilities as well as in child and adolescent psychiatry.

From 2010 to 2013 Wacker studied “literary writing” at the German Literary Institute of the University of Leipzig.

He has a lot of literary experience to offer, has already received many prizes with his books and has already come to know Germany through various places of residence.

His novel “Dahlberger” from the year 2015 and his stories summarized in “Albuquerque“, published one year before, have so far been well received by the readership. Also with various juries, which gave him front places at literature contests.

His work has been published by mairisch Verlag, Verlagshaus Jacoby & Stuart and Verlag der Autoren.

Nowadays he lives in Frankfurt and works as writer and web developer.

Albuquerque” is Wackers first publication. The Mairisch publishing house has designed the edition very beautifully and lovingly and also offers the possibility to download the eBook free of charge.

And we had the pleasure of reading one the stories, Mouse, the only one translated into English by the moment.

They are ordinary people with ordinary professions in Florian Wackers short stories. And he describes laconically and irresistently the moment in her life, which is not quite as normal. By Zoë Beck.


There is the Amateurfunker, whose friend is often called Petra and therefore must die. The platoon leader, who just leaves the shackle and follows a fox to experience a strange night. The bus driver who grabs an injured young owl on the passenger seat. The young man who visits a former football coach in Albuquerque – his first trip to the USA – to give him a donation for a new hip. One is about a policeman, who apparently has not sunk too much lead into a hare and is now mistaken by the night, another time around a nurse who can not sleep after the night shift, but must first go to the sea.

Fourteen stories tell of the shattering of everyday life, but Florian Wacker, who lives in Frankfurt, does not direct the view to the center of the earthquake, but a little way off. He does not choose the perspective of the Eastern European worker from a meat factory that wants to kill himself. But the story is told about Budde, for thirty years, workers in the same factory, one of the last ones who have still been given a regular employment contract. Budde is forced to leave his workspace in the warm room because of the helpers and is banished to the cold room. Since then he has been permanently ill, but above all unhappy, the cold no longer wants to get out of his body. When he finds the nameless colleague in his blood while running the dog in the forest, he takes him to the hospital, protects him like a friend. The actual theme – exploitation, modern slavery – is supposedly portrayed from the corner of the eye. But the gaps, the conscious omissions tell so much more.

As with all narrative collections, there are stronger and more artificially weaker stories. However, Wackers level is consistently high. He refers to the Anglo-American tradition of the short story. This is unmistakable. The legendary story “Albuquerque” may be a bit far from explaining, but is the only one that plays in the USA. All other stories are located in Germany.

In an interview, the author said that short stories are sometimes underestimated, which is correct in that their sales – in the German-speaking world – are sadly small and publishers are therefore eager to push the talented authors into the novel form. If this happens at Wacker, it is to be hoped that he will still be faithful to the short form. In this he is clearly very strong, he tells us on ten pages so much more about our society and our time than many others on two hundred.

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